Handyman Friendship 101: How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Handyman

Handyman Friendship 101: How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Handyman

In http://thyblackman.com/2018/06/04/7-relationships-every-adult-man-should-have/, we’ve learned that an adult man ought to have a good relationship with a handyman. After all, handymen can make things easier to achieve projects at home. So, how do you strengthen your friendship with your handyman? Here are some tips:

Be friendly

friendly-stHandymen need to be friendly to their clients. That’s given. But you should also treat them with respect. It’s the golden rule. You have to treat others the same way you want to be treated. Some of them (especially beginners) may have trouble talking to you comfortably, so it’s best to show them that they are welcome. They can’t fix your doors, cut your tiles, or patch the holes in your wall with ease if they don’t feel welcome.

Be honest


Is the job urgent? Then tell them that. You can’t expect them to double time if you didn’t tell them how crucial the task was. Not everyone can read your mind. So, to avoid misunderstandings, be sure to tell them what they need to know. You could text them, call them, or email them ahead so that they still have time to analyze how they must address the situation when they get to your house. Tell them every detail about the job beforehand. And if there are methods or tools you don’t wish for them to use, inform them with a calm and respectful voice. However, if they don’t need to know about it, then don’t tell them. You don’t have to be an entirely open book. You could summarize what they need to know before emailing them.

Also, if they have done a terrible job at something, you should tell them so that they can make things better. Telling them, they did an excellent job when they have done the exact opposite won’t help them improve their skills. You have to tell them what they did wrong so they can avoid doing the same mistake in the future.

Be kind and considerate


If the job will take too long to finish, say the whole day, then don’t forget to give them a break. Handymen are humans as well; they aren’t machines. You could offer them lunch or give them time to eat their lunch somewhere. Offer them a glass of water or juice in the middle of the day if necessary. It’s your way of thanking them for doing the things you can’t perform at your own house. Besides, showing them kindness and consideration will make them work harder. Handymen appreciate it when their bosses aren’t too harsh to them. Plus, you can avoid being victims of theft and murder if you treat your handymen well, especially since there have been recent crimes related to their profession.

The bottom line is to show respect to these people. They train, move from house to house and work hard just like any other man. Treat them with compassion, and you’ll be treated the same way. I assure you.