Building and strengthening relationships need a lot of tools like trust, love, forgiveness, patience, effort, humility, kindness, and more.

It’s similar to building concrete stuff—you need the right saw for the job. This is why we’ll take a look at the different tools and their respective functions.

A saw is a handyman tool that’s comprised of a blade and a wire or chain. It’s for cutting through different materials like wood and metal. Below are the seven most common saws you need to be aware of:


This stationary device is tailored to cut through wood, bone, meat, and other materials alike. It consists of a long steel band with a serrated edge that is connected to rotating wheels which enable the saw to move up and down swiftly.

Circular saw


This handheld saw is one of the most useful tools for a carpentry contractor. This saw uses various types of blades, allowing it to be utilized for cutting through metal and stone. You’ll know it’s a circular saw if it has a rapidly revolving toothed disk.

Cutting edge saw

This handheld machine makes precise horizontal slices through pipes, rebar, and conduit. It features a left-side grip, which makes it easy to stabilize.


NIC_80951_FRNT_MAIN-hacksawThis tool is a versatile tool that can be used for a lot of jobs. Its narrow fine-toothed blade has many serrations and is attached to a frame, making it ideal for gripping and cutting through plastic, wood, and metal.


The jigsaw is a loved tool by many woodworkers. It’s used to create custom and detailed cuts. It has a thin and flexible blade that allows the user to create accurate turns and cuts. It can cut through wood, plastic, and metal. It’s perfect for projects that involve cutting a lot of irregular or odd shapes.

Mini-metal saw


This saw is sometimes referred to as the special edition of a miter saw because it highlights a rotating blade that’s almost identical to the miter saw. This tool is for slicing through light gauge metal and threaded rods.

Miter saw

Finally, this device is used to create varying crosscuts at different angles. Its blade which is fixed inside rollers makes accurate cuts. The rollers enable the blade to move down once the handle is lowered. A miter saw has a plastic cover to decrease the chances of injury and to impede debris from spraying skyward. Miter saws, as well as abrasive cut off saws, are usually called as a chop saw.